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Archives for February 2018

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The Importance of Knowing the Status of the Deed and Title to your Home

Many programs that can provide aid to homeowners in Philadelphia require knowing the status of your deed or title and whether it is clear. If there are issues with the deed or title, there are programs and organizations that can help.  The first step is knowing the status.  A first step in finding out that status is here on the City of Philadelphia Department of Records webpage dealing with “Legal Problems with Homeownership (Tangled Title)” .

Why should you worry about whether you have a home ownership problem? The list from the City of Philadelphia Department of Records webpage

If you have a homeownership problem, you may run into trouble if:

  • you try to take out a mortgage or a loan
  • you try to negotiate with the city or a utility company about past taxes or bills that have not been paid
  • you try to get a grant from the city to make repairs to your house
  • you try to obtain homeowners insurance on the property
  • you try to sell your house
  • you want to give your property to your family or friends should something happen to you; or
  • the person whose name is still on the deed, or one of their relatives, tries to take the house from you

The site also offers information on organizations that can help if you find you  have a problem with your Deed or Title.